Can anyone give me advice on purchasing a digital camera?

Answer the best advice you can get, is... see how much you have to spend and stick to it.....then the main things i think you need for basic home use is.... how many pixles does it have... the more the be... Read More »

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What are the fetures i should see for purchasing a digital vedio camera How to compare with other camera ?

Check the following features;1) Design & Dimensions: It should fit in your palm and be light enough to carry while shooting. A camera with a LCD is almost standard nowadays. The coloured LCD can be... Read More »

What advice would you give to someone who is considering purchasing their first Personal Computer?

macs are easier but less functional 90 percent of software and buisness world is geared for pc also macs are to expensive there used to be no virus for mac but there are some now if you get a pc ... Read More »

Deciding factors for purchasing a new digital camera?

Answer The important factors are1. Effective mega pixels (minimum 3.2 MP)2. Optical Zoom (minimum 3X)3. Ergonomics (comfortable to hold and grip)4. Ease of use (Easy press buttons & a simple menu n... Read More »

What are the qualities to look for in purchasing a digital camera?

You'll need a point and shoot camera, one of those family ones, so it will be much cheaper than other models. If its only used for minor things like scrapbooking, there are only a few things to con... Read More »