Can anyone file a provisional patent application?

Answer Anyone can file a provisional patent application. Once filed, a provisional patent application remains effective for 12 months. Unlike a non-provisional patent application, a provisional patent app... Read More »

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How to Fill Out a Provisional Patent Application?

A provisional patent protects an invention from theft. A provisional patent application, or PPA, protects an invention for up to one year, allowing the inventor to use a “Patent Pending” notice... Read More »

How to Write a Provisional Patent Application?

A provisional patent serves as a low cost "placeholder" for up to 12 months before you file a patent. It costs less than a patent because it is simpler, excluding legal claims (which usually requi... Read More »

DIY: How to File for a Non Provisional Patent?

Patents legally safeguard your invention or intellectual efforts by confirming your proprietary rights to the work. In the U.S., the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) registers all non-provisiona... Read More »

How to File a Patent Application Under the Name of a Corporation?

While a patent is always filed under the name of the inventors, it is possible to assign a patent to a corporation. By making this assignment, the inventor gives the corporation a complete interest... Read More »