Can anyone explain to me why my Y/A avatar disappeared?

Answer Umm, justin are you feeling at all vague? Lightheaded? Surreally displaced? No? Ah...just as I thought. It's the Y glitch. An actual being of electronic proportions, the glitch pulls the faces of... Read More »

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Explain your name and avatar?

My name is EmmaAnd my avatar is John Steed from the original Avengers tv Show because he is the coolest man ever..

Does anyone know where my avatar is from?

Can anyone explain to you 120hz tv?

Answer Television images are created with a stream of still images. In the US, the stream is 60 fields each second. As two fields are needed to make a complete frame or image, the frame rate is 30 ... Read More »

Can ANYONE Explain This?

Sudden cardiac death could mean a fatal arrthymia, not necessarily a large "heart attack" caused by a blocked artery.In young people, a sudden onset of a fatal arrthymia, such as ventricular fibril... Read More »