Can anyone explain me the application of a Cable set top box?

Answer A basic cable box has a cable tuner and software or a card that allows you to see scrambled cable channels.(TVs have cable tuners, but you can't see scrambled channels without a special Cablecard)M... Read More »

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How to Explain a Job Termination on Application?

Due to many unexpected and expected factors, job loss can happen to anyone. Nobody really immune from job termination. Here are several suggestions that may help you to explain your job termination... Read More »

How to Explain a Disability on a Job Application Form?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects job applicants who have disabilities from unfair prejudice in the hiring process. In fact, you are not even legally required to disclose your disa... Read More »

Explain sound and video in Multimedia application?

Can anybody explain how to create a java application that will be able to print my name?

Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;System.out.print("Enter first name: ");String firstName = keyboard.nextLine();System.out.print("Enter last name: ");String lastName = keyboard.nextLine();S... Read More »