Can anyone explain developmentally appropriate practice in child care?

Answer… try this sight

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What is developmentally appropriate practice and why is it important?

Babies and children grow up one step at a time. Young babies cannot crawl, walk or work math problems or talk in lengthy sentences. As they grow however, they learn to do these things and more. T... Read More »

How would you explain to a small child that while her mother wasn't prepared to care for her...?

I'm not sure there really is a 'right' answer, and as you say she won't be 3 forever.For the time being I wouldn't emphasize the fact that her mum is parenting a sibling and not her. I find childr... Read More »

Can parents who are not in their car leave their restrained child in a parked car while they watch their other child practice football?

It would depend upon the age of the child in the car, the length of the football practice, and the distance placed between parent and child. In most cases, this would be seen as a case of neglect.

Is there a website your child can look at to explain renal problems in a simple child friendly way?

There is nothing like absolutely normal weight for a given age. It also depends on birth weight. Babies gain about 600grams per month for the first six months. The birth weight is approximately dou... Read More »