Can anyone donate $20k to me for college?

Answer There are tons of places you can find free money to go to college.It is really easy too.Here are the EASY steps.1. Pick where you want to go to college.2. Apply for admission.3. Go see a financial ... Read More »

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How to Donate College Textbooks?

Donating college textbooks are fun and it's nice to see someone buying your unwanted textbooks. As they say, one man's trash, another man's treasure!

How to Donate Your Body to the Medical College of WI Upon Death?

If you want to benefit science even after you die, you can will your body to a university. The Medical College of Wisconsin is one of the only two programs in the state that accept body donations. ... Read More »

Does anyone know why I'm not allowed to donate blood?

I adore you dear friend.I was given nitro once and I thought my head would explode.My drug of choice is Adenosine, when I am tachy that is a wonder drug. When I was pregnant I couldn't get it and ... Read More »

I'm looking to donate my old car to a non-christian charity, anyone know a good one?

All charities should provide you with the tax deduction info and receipt. My husband and I used this place:http://www.donateacar.comI hope this helps, or you find somewhere you want to use...take ... Read More »