Can anyone donate $20k to me for college?

Answer There are tons of places you can find free money to go to college.It is really easy too.Here are the EASY steps.1. Pick where you want to go to college.2. Apply for admission.3. Go see a financial ... Read More »

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How to Donate College Textbooks?

Donating college textbooks are fun and it's nice to see someone buying your unwanted textbooks. As they say, one man's trash, another man's treasure!

How to Donate Your Body to the Medical College of WI Upon Death?

If you want to benefit science even after you die, you can will your body to a university. The Medical College of Wisconsin is one of the only two programs in the state that accept body donations. ... Read More »

I need to donate TV, where can I donate it. I live in NY.TV specifics - HDTV 57", very good condition?

I would give it to a needy family or put it in the paper. A church would also be a good place to offer one. Schools would love one. The possibilities are endless. I would give to some one who will ... Read More »

Just like people donate Blood, Can a human donate Insulin?

Insulin used to be made from the pancreases of slaughtered pigs and cows. To get insulin from you, they'd have to take out your pancreas, which would not be good for you. You can't extract it from... Read More »