Can anyone declare bankruptcy?

Answer In general, the only main requirement for filing bankruptcy in the United States is that you must be a United States citizen. Exceptions are made if you own real property on United States soil, or ... Read More »

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Can an llc declare bankruptcy?

An LLC, or limited liability company, can file for bankruptcy. LLCs are popular because they offer limited personal liability to the owners of the company. Owners, however, need to be sure they hav... Read More »

Can states declare bankruptcy?

States cannot file bankruptcy under any chapter of bankruptcy law. Chapter 9 only allows towns and cities to file, according to Slate Magazine. When a state cannot pay its bills, it goes into "rece... Read More »

How to Declare Bankruptcy in New Zealand?

Filing for bankruptcy usually is a difficult decision for most people. It can be a complicated and lengthy process. In New Zealand, the process is managed in collaboration with the High Court and t... Read More »

Can one spouse declare bankruptcy?

In states with community property laws, such as Arizona, Louisiana and Idaho, creditors can take the assets from the person filing for bankruptcy as well as his spouse. In other states, creditors c... Read More »