Can anyone change information on wikipedia?

Answer Yes, anyone can change the information, unless their account or their IP address or range has already been blocked for rule violations. This is considered a "sacred" principle on Wikipedia. Howev... Read More »

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Does anyone know how to submit information to wikipedia?

Well, Stormy, it isn't easy, and fraught with potential perils and portents. Your best bet is to simply email the information you want to submit to a completely random admin or editor, and hope tha... Read More »

Has anyone actually seen "False" information on Wikipedia?

Yes actually. I was browsing wiki one day and looked up the band Blessthefall right after Craig left. Somebody apparently edited it and put Sonny Moore as the new vocalist (he was formerly in Fro... Read More »

Does anyone know if the information on wikipedia about from first to last is accurate?


Does anyone know how to change the images on wikipedia entries?

The best and quickest way to do this is to upload the image to Wikimedia Commons, the common media repository for all Wikimedia projects. You just need to create an account ( Read More »