Can anyone beat this......?

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My heart beat starts to beat really fast?

If you are out of shape or overweight,(even if you are not) moving yourself should not do that, get yourself to a Doctor as soon as possible, even at your age better to get a professional opinion..... Read More »

Is 52 a low heart beat ... was is considered a normal heart beat im 22 yrs old?

Well if you are a athlete it is normal, otherwise at this heart rate you will be facing symptoms like vertigo, faintness. Even if not see your doctor.

What episode is the beat beat clap clap song on from Yo gabba gabba?

What do you think of my beat?

It's the beginnings of a great tune which you could take in many directions. As it is now it could easily be library music. I would suggest you find yourself a decent MC and turn it into a song. Yo... Read More »