Can anybody tell me why when I put a pot with a handle in the micro wave?

Answer the weight of the handle probably lifts up on the glass piece that rotates in the bottom of the microwave and the roller that moves the glass piece is probably located in the front of the microwave... Read More »

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How do you set temperature in degrees in kenstar micro wave ovens?

Answer 2: Hi to all, I called the Krafts Food website. Velveeta cheese loaf should be used within 8 weeks if it has been opened and stored in the refrigerator,or the "use by" date, which ever come... Read More »

Show you the pics of bowls that can be use in micro wave ovens?

There are many different kinds of materials the solar ovens are made of, but you can use a pizza box and tin foil, or glass and a card board box.etc.

Pricing strategy and suggest an appropriate pricing and poisoning on micro wave ovens?

Answer I've done this but you must have a resource to parts appropriate for your machine, along with diagrams.There is no way to respond with exact instructions for you in this forum but this task... Read More »

What size wave is needed to produce ocean wave energy?

Ocean wave energy is a source of renewable energy using the waves of the ocean to generate electricity. Any size wave can produce wave energy, but it is the tall waves with lower frequencies that p... Read More »