Can anybody tell me how effective a gingival graft is?

Answer I and many others have come to believe that gum disease comes from bacteria and imbalances in the mouth. I have been able to heal gums and tootheaches and unfilled cavities. I took a water pik(they... Read More »

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How much does gingival grafting cost?

The cost of getting gingival grafting done is going to vary from person to person. The cost is going to more then likely be between $600 and $1000 per tooth that requires a graft.Source:Scholesperi... Read More »

What is Gingival Index is it ordinal nominal ratio or intger?

What does it mean to graft something?

With plants, it means to grow a different plant on a root. By making some cuts of the right kind you can graft an orange branch onto a lemon tree, so that one part of the tree produces lemons and a... Read More »

How to Graft Trees?

Grafting allows trees to grow and produce fruit that cannot be produced by seed. Trees must be compatible, which means that they must be of the same type of tree. Citrus trees are usually compatibl... Read More »