Can anybody remember a kids television show that included a Magic Key the song 10 in the bed and the little one said and was presented by a black man?

Answer We don't know. There haven't been any episodes after that, but Sam Vincent (Dark Ace's voice actor) said that it could be a possibility.O3O

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Can anyone remember a English kids tv show of the 90s i has a green monster a steel owl and they grow food on plants in a magic tree?

What was the first quiz show to be presented on national television?

What is the name of the classical song played at the beginning of the ESPN documentary Black Magic that plays in the back round while DR J introduces the show?

Does anyone remember a kids show about coloured bears and a dalmatian The bears were people in suits different colours too black green red blue not sure if twas itv or bbc early 90s maybe?

I think it might be called teddybears' I was looking for it too and couldn't find it most places but found a DVD of it on amazon if you search teddybears on there it comes up hope it is what you we... Read More »