Can anybody reccomend the best free anti-virus software, also the best virus removing tool thankyou?

Answer avg, professional software and totally free!ps. the person who said "Remember they are FREE , they do not have enough money for top notch people to find solutions for thousand of new viruses appear... Read More »

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Free anti virus vs Paid anti virus software. Your choice?

In my opinion, free software available are enough for more users. But be careful. A lot of ads online regarding computer security are fake. They will install a spyware or virus on your computer. Mi... Read More »

What anti-virus software is better, AVG Anti-Virus Free or Norton Security?

Norton. Why? Free AVG includes no root kit protection. AVG is a resource hog. AVG has a low virus detection rate. Norton is everything AVG isn't.

A good free anti virus software. i have infected cookies. the software that i am using just now is rubbish.?

Go with AVG and do not go with avast it is n lot of rubbish got i lot of virus using it and i lost a lot of my pic's and videos

Free Anti-virus software?

How to remove Fake Software, Pop-Ups, Spyware, Trojans and Viruses:Download, install, update and scan your computer with both Malwarebytes and SuperantiSpyware, delete what ever they find, if this ... Read More »