Can anybody reccomend a free antivirus/spyware program that is safe and reliable?

Answer For antivirus- AVG free isn't bad, but if you want a different program, try Avast or Activevirusshield from AOL- it's written by Kapersky and has a really high detection rating.For Adware, Lavasoft... Read More »

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Is Threatfire,anti spyware a reliable program or is it a source of malware It's free also?

I would not download any program like that off the internet. It could have worms itself. I tell everybody never download AOL, Netscape, Limewire, or Yahoo Messenger. You might as well smash up your... Read More »

What's the best reliable free web host site with a good looking free domain name?

There are many web hosting providers and you might become confused to choose which one. I see that you don't want to pay for web hosting, but as an experienced webmaster let me tell you that its no... Read More »

What's a good, reliable, safe VPN?

I've used in the past when in China and it works well. Their customer support is great too which you may need depending on what the Chinese are doing at any given time.

Is amtrak reliable and safe?

Yes on the Northeast corridor Amtrak trains run on time almost all the time. You should have nothing to worry about. Amtrak trains are very safe.