Can anybody name any vegetarian sweets?

Answer Check out Holland & Barrett for some. I'm not sure about jelly like sweets specifically cause I don't like them, but they carry lots of vegan sweets.You can try these sites, too. Someone on the s... Read More »

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Dose anybody know of any yummy vegetarian recipes?

This site offers a free vegetarian book that has over 400 easy and delicious recipes, weekly and monthly meal plans. They will also provide the support and guidance to help you maintaining a health... Read More »

Does anybody know any good pro vegetarian bible quotes ?

Thou Shalt Not KillMethusaleh: The longest lived man in Bible was a vegetarian and achieved 969 years.Proverbs: Be not among the wine-bibbers nor the riotous eaters of animal flesh.Matthew: What di... Read More »

Does anybody still think to themselves 'I can't believe I'm a vegetarian'?

Not me. I'm pretty much amazed when I skip meat for a day, I love it so much. ∠°)

Has anybody else had this happened when they first started out as a vegetarian?

Just have a little Deer jerky once a week and you're be find. :)((Kooties))