Can anybody help me with finding the sprite that I want?

Answer Here, I made one: tried to put it into the same basic format that your original image had, with one exception: Your sprites were antialiased for a blue background, wh... Read More »

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There is a commercial that comes on TV that I need help finding?

I really want a cast and to break my foot!! please help me with ideas that are fast and dont sound that painfu?

Any broken bone hurts, I broke my arm in an accident 4 years ago, I now have arthritis, constant pain and a permanent disability.But, if you really want a cast on your foot, go jump of a bridge, yo... Read More »

I would like to buy a camcorder with certain do I go about finding one with everything I want?

Here's a helpful buying guide:…when you've decided on the features that you want in a camcorder, here's a good website for camcorder reviews: Read More »

Is it weird that I drink battery acid with sprite?

Yes? How could you ruin your perfectly good battery acid?