Can anyboday remember a show where aliens came to earth and had the President hold a vote if you sent all dark skinned blacks with them the aliens would purify the earth.?

Answer Uh... No.

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In the early to mid 1990's there was a science fiction tv show about aliens in earth and two of they were brothers. what was the name of the series?

What was the 90's scifi TV show about aliens trying to take over earth there were genetically grown humans called tanks who were build as soldiers?

Looking for a show aired in the 90s from what you remember it was about aliens was set in a desert and you distinctly remember a scene with some sort of webbing any help would be appreciated?

How many Americans believe that earth has been visited by aliens?

Approximately 72 million Americans (based on 1999 figures). A Roper Poll in 1999 found that 25% of the US population thought that UFOs were alien spaceships. The population of the US in 1999 was 2... Read More »