Can any1 guess this place?

Answer Gotta be a Celtic match.@paulpolboy... I think he did mean neddy. Don't be so cocky you c**t.

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Ivf etc, any1 been through this ?

Oh chick. I am SO sorry to hear this news. My heart really goes out to you. You must be crushed.My sister had IVF a few years ago. She didn't have to wait very long, got it for free on the NHS and ... Read More »

Does this ever happen to any1?

What you are describing is a migraine. The blurry vision and neuralgia (pins and needles) are common prodromal symptoms.Prodrome is the name for the symptoms that precede a migraine.See a doctor f... Read More »

R&P: I Guess This is Goodbye...?

NOOOOOO.:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(:'(But she's right about one part.This is me:…I've been lying to you all.

Can anybody guess this?

This question has been asked on yahoo answers many times. There is no correct answer. Sometimes people say it's or its sometimes people spell error wrong sometimes the answer is "there is no error".