Can any printer be configured to print wirelessly through bluetooth?

Answer IF, The printer Is Bluetooth enabled(in Built or u can Connect a Blue tooth Dongle),U can connect it wirelessly...There r lot of HP printers available.

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How to Print Wirelessly to a Printer?

As the use of home computers grows, many households have multiple desktop and laptop computers in use. Rather than purchasing a separate printer for each computer, connect one printer to a main com... Read More »

How do I print wirelessly from my laptop to a printer?

i would want to know the same thing i think u have to have it connected to a desktop or something and then like share the printer then if u have another comp like a desktop connect it to tht and wh... Read More »

IS it really easy and inexpensive to set up your printer to print wirelessly from your laptop?

You'll need to have a wireless router or print server. If you already have the wireless router (and a wireless network) you can pick up a device to plug in a USB printer into the router. If you t... Read More »

How can I print wirelessly to my Epson WF-3520 printer from my laptop?

Because you didn't select network printer during the setup. Remove the cable, uninstall and reinstall the software on the laptop and follow the instructions.