Can any one tell me what mountain oysters taste like.?

Answer Chicken

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How to Prepare Mountain Oysters?

"Mountain oysters" are a delicacy in some parts of the country where cattle are raised. Community groups conduct fry feed social events and fundraisers in the spring and early fall after young calv... Read More »

Do you like the taste of MOUNTAIN DEW?

I totally love the taste of Mountain Dew and i am addicted to it....Yes it is a fizzy drink

Why does mellow yellow taste the same as mountain dew?

Mountain Dew is owned by Pepsi. Mello Yellow is Coca Cola's alternative to Mountain Dew. Kind of like how Pepsi made Sierra Mist to rival Sprite.Also, they don't taste exactly the same.

What is the average temperature at Blue Mountain peak for the coldest mountain?

The average year-round temperature of The Blue Mountains is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. A steep and narrow trail climbs seven miles to Blue Mountain Peak at 7,402 feet, a favorite of sunrise seekers. Th... Read More »