Can any one help and post a link to?

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How to go to link post on facebook, not the link?

Just click on the "date" of the post. For example, on every post, there is the date, like "9 November" -- that contains a link. Click the date, and voila, the url of the post appears.

What does it mean to post a link?

According to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a link (or hyperlink) is a connection from one Web resource to another. When you post a link, you supply the address to a Web resource, either by p... Read More »

How to Post a Link on MySpace?

Inserting a link in MySpace is pretty straightforward.

How to Post a Website Link?

HTML links between websites are the glue that holds the World Wide Web together. Without links, there would be no "web"--just an assortment of isolated, disconnected pages. Links are not only funda... Read More »