Can any of you understand what this means?

Answer He misspelled "particular" but he was pointing out a flaw ( he was smart to do so) and where it was (in the middle of the disk) and that it did not affect the game from playing.~Sounds like he is b... Read More »

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How to Understand What a Relationship Means?

Relationships with friends, co-workers, boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife, and family are important components of our live.

Pro-Lifers, why is it so hard to understand what Pro-Choice means?

To be honest, according to the definition you are using, a lot of pro-life and pro-choice people could be one in the same. I too believe that I cannot force someone else to make that decision, but... Read More »

I am applying for a scholarship, and i don't understand what it means when it says:?

Post-secondary educational institution - one that is beyond high school, where you will need either a HS diploma or a GEDSome such schools:Community/Junior CollegeState Funded College or University... Read More »

Would you look at this photo and tell me what this line before the crosswalk means when you are driving?

That is where cars are supposed to stop so they don't block the crosswalk.