Can any current sedan fit three child seats?

Answer I would recommend buying a larger vehicles, such as an full-size SUV, crossover, or minivan. Any sedan on the market will press the outer children closer to the edge of the car, not to mention the ... Read More »

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What age does a child have to be to sit in the front seat of sedan?

The same age they have to be to sit in the front of any other car. Which is usually 12.

If current orthodontic services are being rendered to a minor child of the debtor will the child still be able to continue the service without paying under Chapter 7?

Answer I'm not a lawyer but I would say no unless the orthodontics are correcting something life-threatening. After all, you'd be asking an orthodontist to continue to provide services to you afte... Read More »

When should a child be in child restraint seats?

It can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some require a certain height and weight, some require a certain age limit. Check your local law enforcement agency or DMV office.

Who invented child car seats?

The Bunny Bear Co. invented the first child seat in 1933, but it was a booster seat, not designed to protect the child from injury. In 1962, Jean Ames designed the first car seat to protect a child... Read More »