Can any 1 tell me 10pts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer U have 2 download a youtube converter the best and safest one u can download here : www.any-video-converter.comGoOd LuCk!!

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Should I get a 2 gb or 4 gb gpu 10pts?

id get 4 if it isnt too much1 game will NEVER use more than 2gb at a time and thats max settings running as 1920 x 1200so really 2 should be enough but if its only like 20-30 more dollars get 4 but... Read More »

I think I may have a problem! 10Pts?

Please pick this as best answer :)Stop doing that its so annoying!! And noones going to pick your answer as best just cause u say that. So stop that already!! Oh and wash your tounge with soap........ Read More »

I think I may have a problem! 10pts.?

gengivitis causes bad breath:( then again its probably your braces causing food to get stuck and after time spent not keeping your teeth clean they will start to smell.

Am I getting too much vitamin E 10pts?

The recommended upper limit is 1,000 mg (6600%) . You'll be fine. This tends to be the case in general with 99% of vitamins.You might not get any extra benefit either, though. With nutrition it'... Read More »