Can ants live underwater?

Answer Some species of ants have been known to live underwater for as long as 14 days. They accomplish this by attaining an anesthetized state where their oxygen needs decrease well below what they requir... Read More »

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Can fiddler crabs live underwater?

Fiddler crabs cannot survive living solely beneath the water. They need a habitat that consists of both land and water. They burrow into the earth for protection as well as during mating, and spend... Read More »

Can ants live in water?

Ants live in practically all types of environments on land. However, ants cannot permanently live in water. They can remain under water for an extended period of time, some as long as 14 days, but ... Read More »

Where do red ants live?

Red ants are from South America, yet they live in many other regions of the world, including Arizona, New Mexico and California. They were introduced to North America in the 1930s. They reside in s... Read More »

Can ants live on grass?

Most varieties of ants live in nests in the soil. They do not live on grass. Carpenter ants are able to dig through wood and build nests in tree trunks and in wooden, man-made structures. Ants typi... Read More »