Can another person see my computer information without my knowledge?

Answer Absolutely.Some manipulations allow them to actually do more than you can, so seeing everything is apprentice work.Knowing an IP is not usually a key element in breaking into a remote Read More »

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Birth mother contacting my daughter without our knowledge, emails, phone, and in person meetings. HELP!?

No one has suggested the possibility that it might have been the 16-year-old who instigated the contact. She would probably deny it if asked. Most teenagers would.Clearly, she feels the need to hav... Read More »

How to hack my friend computer and check out his files without his knowledge?

You might want to try learning how to put a coherent sentence together first.

Can another mortgage be taken out on your house without your knowledge?

On One Hand: Banks Rely on NotariesReal estate documents recorded in a county's land records require a notary seal, including deeds and mortgages. Banks minimize their risk of lending such large am... Read More »

How long can a person stay in the US without needing a visa if you are from another country?

If you enter through the Visa Waiver Program, a person can stay in the U.S. for a non-extendable 90 days.