Can another mortgage be taken out on your house without your knowledge?

Answer On One Hand: Banks Rely on NotariesReal estate documents recorded in a county's land records require a notary seal, including deeds and mortgages. Banks minimize their risk of lending such large am... Read More »

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Why is my mortgage higher than the value of my house?

Your mortgage balance can be higher than the value of your home for many reasons. Certain economic factors can cause your home to lose value. The type of mortgage loan you have can also contribute ... Read More »

Is Insurance Necessary if Your House Has No Mortgage?

Homeowners insurance is not obligatory but generally still necessary if you have no mortgage. When you get a mortgage on your home, the lender requires insurance for the protection of its investmen... Read More »

What is the note of a house for a mortgage?

The mortgage note for a house is the actual legal agreement between the owner of the home and the lender for the mortgage. The document, or note, pledges the house as collateral if the owner defaul... Read More »

Can you transfer your mortgage when you buy a new house?

Unlike the U.K. and Canada, U.S. mortgages are typically not transferrable or 'portable' due to the fact that each mortgage has a related lien corresponding to a specific home. Therefore, a new hom... Read More »