Can another mortgage be taken out on your house without your knowledge?

Answer On One Hand: Banks Rely on NotariesReal estate documents recorded in a county's land records require a notary seal, including deeds and mortgages. Banks minimize their risk of lending such large am... Read More »

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Can your house be taken if the mortgage is paid up to date but not the land taxes?

The mortgage company will pay the back due land taxes and require, you the property owner, to pay the money back to the mortgage company. The mortgage loan holder can put the property into foreclos... Read More »

Can you write off taxes on a house without a mortgage?

You can deduct taxes on a house that does not carry a mortgage, provided you are responsible for paying the tax and you paid it during the tax year, and provided your total itemized deductions exce... Read More »

Is This Another Reason Not To Leave The House Without A Clean Pair Of Underwear?

ROFL, One good reason!! LolWell, my first thought is that I would have soiled my underwear if those ants had gotten that far up. Yikes!!My mother used to tell me the same thing as most all mothers... Read More »

If your car was taken without permission for what is considered an unlawful use does your comprehensive insurance cover this?

Answer Only if the person that took the car had never before been allowed to use the car. If the person who took that car with out authorization to use the car was a resident of the household and ... Read More »