Can another man adopt your child if your name is on the birth crtificate?

Answer Yes, but the father will be given notice if he is listed on the child's birth certificate. He will be given the opportunity to object. Adoption is an extremely complex area of law and laws vary in ... Read More »

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Would you be able to file a termination of rights of the father if there is another man who wants to adopt your child even if your child considers the man her father but knows biologically he is not?

Most likely all though if the child is over the age of 14 it would be extremely dificult or impossible

How do you adopt your wife's 13-year-old daughter if her father has never seen her and does not pay any child support and the only thing that connects her to him is his name on the birth certificate?

Answer My longtime friend married a woman who had a son whose father also never knew them, didn't pay support, etc... He adopted the child after a couple of years of being married. He told me that ... Read More »

If you voluntarily give up your rights to your child and allow a relative to adopt that child can you adopt their children?

How to Convince Your Parents to Adopt Another Child?

Always wanted a brother or sister? Fed up of being so alone and bored? Then maybe adoption is one of the ways to get another sibling.