Can anorexics get pregnant?

Answer On One Hand: Physically PossibleMichele Siegel, author of the book "Surviving an Eating Disorder," explains that one symptom of anorexia is an irregular period, which indicates an anorexic will hav... Read More »

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Hey people, how do anorexics eat?

you aren't anorexic. you just don't eat much.

What is the diet of anorexics?

Diet pills. sometimes some yogurt. if you starve yourself your body goes into starvation mode. it begins by eating your muscles away til they're gone. the second you start eating again, it latches ... Read More »

What Types of Foods Do Anorexics Eat?

When I was in the worst stage of my anorexia my diet consisted of:1 or 2 spoonfulls of Special K cereal.1 tablespoon of Light and Fit yogurt1 tiny bite of a protein bar1/2 ounce of chickenI know. i... Read More »


a pound a day about in the begining, but after their metabolism slows its maybe 2-3 pounds a week.....possibly less, possibly more. depends on what she eats and how much she exercises. keep a close... Read More »