Why be vegan if animals eat each other?

Answer Some animals eat each other because they need to and they couldn't survive without animal proteins. Others because they don't have 'deep' thoughts: they live in the moment and don't think about wha... Read More »

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Can animals bully each other?

Yes, they fight over territory would be one example.

How to Get Two Animals to Start Liking Each Other?

We all know that certain types of animals just don't get along with one another. Read this if your cat hates your dog or if your elephant is afraid of your mice.

How Plants & Animals Rely on Each Other in the Desert?

The desert is a dry, hot, arid expanse that can stretch for thousands of miles. One of the world's six biomes, the desert is home to many plants and animals. Some deserts, such as the Sahara, are t... Read More »

What do you call a person who trains animals to fight each other?