Can anemia cause vaginal bleeding during intercourse?

Answer Anemia, loosely speaking, is a low blood count. It can be a result of blood loss including vaginal bleeding. Anemia does not cause vaginal bleeding. Cases of bleeding during intercourse are oftenti... Read More »

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Can you get any vaginal infection without having real intercourse?

Can unusual vaginal tenderness after intercourse be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Not usually. Its usually a sign of vaginal dryness, irriatation or a thrush infection.

Can you get hiv by someone bleeding during intercourse?

Only if the sexual partner is infected with HIV. there has to be also a way for the virus to enter the body, blood stream. a open wound, cut, bad or rotting teeth for example.

Is bleeding after intercourse normal during pregnancy?

Answer I actually had that problem last night, and according to the nurse I talked to at my Doctors office it is normal. They say with your cervix being so sensitive it can cause bleeding. I was in... Read More »