Can anemia affect pregnancy?

Answer Answer Yes, as it is an iron deficiency. Red blood cells are made with it by the body and these are important to foetal development. Remember though that too much iron is also dangerous.Maternal a... Read More »

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Can the environment affect sickle cell anemia?

On One Hand: Sickle Cell Symptoms are Worsened by EnvironmentSickle cell anemia symptoms include swelling in hands and feet, jaundice, anemia, infection, organ damage and episodes of physical pain ... Read More »

Hemolytic does anemia liver enzymes low platelet count affect the infant?

It probably isn't acne. Take him/her to a doctor - she may have eczema or another skin disorder.

Ive got symptoms such as urinating all the time headaches bloating increase in discharge cramping and extreme tiredness Is this pregnancy or could it be anemia low iron?

Answer Answer Could be both :) but if you are ... Read More »

Do drugs affect pregnancy?

Yes, because the effect can ruin the babies health, or the effect can kill your baby.