Can an unmarried father have custody of an unborn child?

Answer No. He needs to wait until the child is born. See related question.

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If an unmarried father wants nothing to do with his child does the unmarried mother automatically get full custody of the child?

Answer If the father's name is on the birth certificate, the mother must petition the court for full custody rights. If the petition is granted, it still will not relieve the father of his financia... Read More »

If the father of your unborn child has been making threats regarding custody and child support what rights does he have?

Sadly I'm going through this exact situation right now. I'm incredibly frustrated with the state and its law (Montana) because no one seems to care that he is such a horrible man. From what everyon... Read More »

The Rights of the Father of an Unborn Child of an Unmarried Couple in Arizona?

The state of Arizona has mandated a number of laws that relate directly to the rights of unmarried fathers, before and after the birth of the child has occurred. While each case is unique, Arizona ... Read More »

If you are unmarried can you get full child custody if you are a US resident and the father is a US citizen?

Answer The mother can legally retain sole custody of the child until the father establishes paternity and files for custodial rights. This is an issue that is covered by "common law" and would appl... Read More »