Can an unmarried couple adopt a baby in Georgia?

Answer You can adopt as a single parent but as a couple you have to be married.

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Unmarried couple give up baby for adopt in Dubai?

Contact a adoption agency. They can arrange prospective adoptive parents and meeting to discuss the options you have regarding the idea.

What is a baby's last name for an unmarried couple?

On One Hand: One parent's nameWhile legally a baby does not have to share a last name with either of its parents, general practice says that the baby should. The baby of an unmarried couple can hav... Read More »

Did Jen and Bill from The Little Couple ever have a baby find a surrogate or adopt a baby?

I saw them this past weekend at the Texas Children's museum with a stroller and a child that looked about 15 months old ( camera crews were with them )

Can an unmarried mother refuse to allow the biological father to establish paternity knowing he wants to just because she wants her boyfriend to adopt the baby instead?

AnswerHe can get a court order, but until he does, you do not have to. As far as your boyfriend wanting to adopt the baby, the biological father has to sign his parental rights away before adoption... Read More »