Can an unlicensed insurance staff accept payments?

Answer no only licensenced staff can accepted payments

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If you have full insurance on your car and it is totalled by an unlicensed driver what happens with your insurance and payments for the car?

Answer If this unlicensed driver was driving your car with your knowledge, you are screwed. But if you mean an unlicensed driver hit your car, if you have full coverage you should be able to collec... Read More »

Where in Dallas Texas can you find a dentist that will not charge any out of pocket expense and accept only the insurance payments?

Answer If you have a co-pay and the dentist does not accept it (only accepts payment from insurance as full) then the dentist is committing insurance fruad. This can lead to revokation of license, ... Read More »

If you are hit by a unlicensed driver on a permit driving another person's car that had liability insurance can you sue the owner or the insurance company for your injuries?

Answer Yes, without a doubt. The owner bares the true responsibility.

What kind of liability insurance is needed for a business that provides staff to sell tickets at outdoor festivals; the staff would all be subcontractors?

Contact a good agent in your area, they will be able to help you with this.