Can an unlicensed driver sue other party for damages in an auto accident?

Answer unlicensed driver may sue for damages Unless you sue in a contributory negligence state (meaning if the plaintiff was in any way at fault they are not entitled to relief), an unlicensed driver may ... Read More »

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If a passenger in an auto accident owns a car but doesn't have PIP does the driver's PIP pay damages to the passenger?

Answer The driver or owner will be responsible for the passenger's injuries. The passenger's PIP or medical insurance MAY pay the expenses if the responsible party is not insured, but will sue to... Read More »

When an employee is in an auto accident during business hours and the other driver decides to file a lawsuit for damages who is liable the employee or employer?

Answer If the employee was in a company vehicle, on company business, then the other driver would suit the company.But it also depends on where the accident took place, as the laws differ.

What happens if an uninsured and unlicensed person has an auto accident?

Liability of Uninsured Drivers in the USA. The at fault driver is always the primary person liable for damages from any accident they cause regardless of whether they are licensed, insured or not a... Read More »

What legal rights do you have when you are involved in an auto accident with a young uninsured unlicensed person?

Not sure what you mean by 'legal rights' you are due (assuming other driver is 100% at fault for the loss), to be put back in the same condition you were prior to the loss, even though they are uni... Read More »