Can an unemployed father go to jail for not paying child support?

Answer Yes! If he fails to report his financial status to the courts

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Is your sons father going to go to jail for not paying child support even if he signs over his parental rights?

Yes. The father may be able to terminate his rights but not his obligation for child suppor unless someone has stepped up and adopted. If that is the case, then it should be in the courts decision.... Read More »

Can an underage child sue their father for child support if the father stopped paying for child support after 3 months?

Answer No, this is up to your mother or guardian (which could be a grandparent or uncle/aunt.) Although it's quite disgusting that some fathers refuse to take some financial responsibility for the... Read More »

If an underage teen is pregnant and the father was paying child support before the teen got pregnant does the father stop paying child support?

The father will be paying (or SHOULD be paying) child support at LEAST until the child turns 18, and could possibly have to pay longer depending on what a judge says. For instance, in some cases if... Read More »

Can a step father claim a child on there taxes if the real father is paying child support?

According to the IRS, the only person who can claim a child as a dependent on a tax return is a relative (to include step parents, foster parents, etc) who provided custodial support for the child ... Read More »