Can an underage person with one legal parent get married in a church?

Answer Answer It depends on the church. The underage person person will need parental permission to get a marriage license, which is necessary to get married.

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Does the parent have the legal right to be in the examination room with their underage child?

Answeryes because some doctors may be crazy and try to strip them

What legal things can happen to an underage father if the mother is also underage?

Answer well the parents of the girl can file charges against the boyfriend or the state could go ahead and persue. my nephew is in this situation he is 19 and got a 15 year old pregnant. they are n... Read More »

Can a person who has guardianship of a minor from the legal parent in turn appoint guardianship to someone else without the consent of the original parent?

Answer No! I am a child of divorced parents and that can not be done. trust me i know! I am 16 years old!

How do you get a parent to sign over legal guardianship to another person?