Can an ultrasound determine a lymphoma in the neck?

Answer On One Hand: Ultrasound is Used To Diagnose LymphomaAccording to the American Cancer Society, an ultrasound uses sound waves and their echoes to produce pictures of organs or masses. Ultrasound use... Read More »

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Why might your baby's ultrasound show he had fluid in the neck?

Answer I think you had a nuchal scan, done at around 12 weeks. This measures the fluid at the back of the neck and MAY, only MAY be an indication of Down's syndrome.You will probably be offered a... Read More »

Is the condition of soft tissue around neck detected in ultrasound scan of 22 weeks of pregnancy a cause for worry?

My dad had hodgkins lymphoma 25 yrs ago and now has diffuse large b cell non hodkins lymphoma am i at risk?

NO Any kind of cancer doesn't mean the son or daughter of this person will be at risk ;; except for colon cancer MY mother died from a ovarian cancer and NOBODY else in her family died from cancer ... Read More »

When is the diagnosis of cystic hygroma possible I had an ultrasound done at 8w5d and they said there is increased fluid around the baby's neck but did not give a diagnosis.?