Can an owner use their condo's amenities if the condo is being rented?

Answer Your question sounds like you might be okay with a little 'double-dipping' -- or not. But let's look at what's possible. You're asking about assets of the association owned by you in common with a... Read More »

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Can an owner of a condo pass on to the condo owners the park fee he was require to pay before building the condos?

There is no standard answer to your question. Read your governing documents to determine what is possible in your case. There may be special fees you pay when you purchase a unit from a developer, ... Read More »

If as a condo owner you feel you are being taken advantage of by the President owner of the other condos and you want to get out of the association how do you do it?

Getting out of an association is only possible by selling your unit to a new buyer. "Feeling like you're being taken advantage of..." is possible if you are new to condominium ownership, or do not ... Read More »

Can a condo unit be rented after the owner has been presented with papers of foreclosure and has a court date set up?

Since this is a landlord-tenant issue, it is strongly recommended that you -- as the condominium owner -- advise the tenant of the current situation.In addition, you might also inform the board and... Read More »

Does an Illinois condo owner have to submit a claim on their own insurance even if damages were caused by another condo owner's water leak?

This kind of unfortunate situation that occurs in multi-family housing must be addressed on two levels: First, identify the source, stop the leak, repair what's causing it, and clean up the damage.... Read More »