Can an orgasm help induce labor?

Answer nope

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Can ginger tea help induce labor?

It really worked for me! Within a week I was thinned and had contractions 3 minutes apart! I was 37 weeks and had a 7lb 15oz healthy little boy with no complications at all! My labor pains were min... Read More »

Does watermelon help induce labor?

I tried it and it worked for me. I had my some less than 24 hours later. I ate A LOT!

Can cinnamon tea induce labor?

On One Hand: It Has Been Effective in Some WomenAccording to, using cinnamon bark and tea is effective in inducing labor in some women. The website also states that... Read More »

How do I induce labor at home?

The last few weeks and days of pregnancy can be very uncomfortable. Many women find it difficult to sleep, eat, or even breathe in the latter part of the third trimester. By the time 40 weeks comes... Read More »