Can an online company give me a 1099 without my tax ID?

Answer An online company cannot issue you a 1099 without a tax identification number. The company should send you a W-9 form, which consists of an official request for the number. After you return it, the... Read More »

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Have u been paid for any online jobs.. without investment.. if so pls give the webaddress....!?

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Can a property management company hire someone without a real estate license and give them commissions to rent apartments?

What if a Company Does Not Report on a 1099?

A 1099-MISC form is sent to independent contractors or freelancers who work for a company, but are not technically employees of the company. A company is required by law to send a 1099-MISC (misce... Read More »

Does a limited liability company get a 1099?

Limited Liability Companies are corporations and generally it is not required for businesses to send them 1099's. There are exceptions to this rule for medical and health care payments, fish purcha... Read More »