Can an old Sprint cell phone be used with the Verizon service?

Answer You may not use an old Sprint cell phone with Verizon service. It's possible to legally unlock tri-mode phones with a master subsidy lock (MSL) code, but no major cell phone company will activate a... Read More »

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Can a Sprint Samsung phone be used by Verizon service?

Sprint Samsung phones do work on Verizon because both carriers use the CDMA network standard. However, some carriers lock phones so that they cannot be used on competitors' networks. If your Sprint... Read More »

What kind of reputations do the cell phone companies have Verizon, Virgin Mobile, Sprint, etc.?

That all depends on where you live and what kind of service the provider gets in your city.Where I live Verizon is the best. Straight Talk uses Verizon in my calling area. Sprint, Boost and Virgin ... Read More »

Can a former Verizon cell phone be used with AT&T service?

Verizon and AT&T use two different types of cellular networks. Verizon phones use the CDMA standard and AT&T uses GSM; these two standards are not compatible with one another, and therefore phones ... Read More »

How do I switch service from one verizon cell phone to another?

You can try online with an agent assist. It used to be easier, and I could do it without help, but they took out the options to switch service to a phone you already own.If you take it to Verizon,... Read More »