Can an iq be raised?

Answer On One Hand: An IQ Is UnchangeableSome experts consider an intelligence quotient, which measures a person's cognitive ability rather than their knowledge of facts, to be a permanent characteristic,... Read More »

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Should the drinking age be raised to 100?

What is raised floor?

Computer Floor (also referred to as raised access floor, computer room floor, computer room raised floor, and raised computer floor) is a elevated floor area upon another floor (typically a concret... Read More »

Should the smoking age be raised to 21?

On One Hand: Raising the Drinking Age Saved LivesStudies show that since the United States raised the drinking age to 21 in 1984, alcohol-related deaths among young people have dropped. Since smoki... Read More »

If you are 23 and you want to let the dad who raised you adopt you how do you go about this?

AnswerTake it to the courts, at 23 it will be easy. Call the county court house and have them transfer you to the correct department. You can fill out the appropriate paperwork and be on your way t... Read More »