Can an ip adress be traced to your own home and telephone line?

Answer It certainly can. It is not that easy but certain circumstances can allow the police to go to the ISP and request that they hand over record to who is using a dynamic IP address at a certain time. ... Read More »

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Is there any way i can intercept my home telephone line?

yes!!! there is....I think you will like this....its a caller-ID manager!you will have total control of all incoming and outgoing calls.....!its small enough to conceal if you choose to do so...!ht... Read More »

Is phone line current ac or dc Attaching diodes and/or capacitors for reducing the noise in telephone line?

A phone line is DC, the voice currents are AC. That's the easy part of your question. Noise is eliminated by finding the source of the noise. The first bad thing that happens when you start putt... Read More »

Can my home address be traced online?

A home address can be traced through services that are available online. For example, the standard white pages of a telephone book, which are now online, can be used by searching for a person's nam... Read More »

Where does the tan wire and green wire go when you are hooking up your caller ID to your Direct TV and there is a telephone line that goes from the TV box to the telephone box?

Where the Wires GoI don't know why the last answer was so wrong like that, but all you need is a wall plate with a telephone port, and a jumper to connect it to your direct tv. I've never seen a wa... Read More »