Can an insurer rate insurance risk based on a credit score?

Answer Many companies use your credit score to determine how much of a risk you would be to the company. Car and homeowners insurance companies, use credit to determine whether or not they will offer you ... Read More »

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What is a credit-based insurance score?

According to Amica Insurance company, a credit-based insurance score uses information from a consumer's credit report to determine the likelihood of filing a claim in the future. It is used in conj... Read More »

Do lenders use credit score or fico score for mortgage rate?

Lenders use both credit and FICO scores to determine mortgage rates for individual borrowers. Mortgage companies use a "tri-merge" credit report that lists credit bureau scores from Experian, Equif... Read More »

What is a credit risk score?

A credit risk score is a score used by creditors to determine how risky it is to loan money to an individual. The most commonly used credit risk score is the Fair Isaac Corporation score, named aft... Read More »

Low FICO Score Credit Risk?

A low FICO (Fair Isaac Corp.) credit score can be a real problem when you want new credit. Because every lender will check with some credit bureau to discover what kind of credit score you have, a ... Read More »