Can an injury cause scoliosis?

Answer According to Mayo Clinic, scoliosis is a curvature of the spine. One of the causes can be having one leg shorter than the other. Therefore, an injury cannot directly cause scoliosis, but if a leg l... Read More »

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Can a breech birth cause scoliosis?

The exact cause of infantile scoliosis is unknown. However, some theories point to breech birth as a possible reason. The theory is that if a pelvic imbalance caused the scoliosis, this could have ... Read More »

Can cervical sprain cause scoliosis?

Cervical sprain is not a known cause of scoliosis. The cause of the most common type of scoliosis is idiopathic, or not known. Rarer forms of scoliosis can be caused by neuromuscular disease, birth... Read More »

Can scoliosis (after surgery) cause knee pain?

It can, but it would be best to wait until your body has fully recuperated from the fusion procedure before trying to identify other issues. Everything needs to settle down to what the new "normal... Read More »

Could Scoliosis be the cause of hip pain while running?

Yes definitely as when the spine curves it causes a tilt in the pelvis so this then makes one leg shorter than the other,so result is hip pains your leg is most likely shorter than one but so sligh... Read More »