Can an immigrant who has become a U.S. citizen be deported?

Answer An immigrant can become a U.S. citizen through naturalization. Once you've obtained citizenship, it is almost impossible to be deported. Deportation of naturalized citizens is extremely rare, and o... Read More »

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Can an immigrant be deported if found out that she is not a real sibling of the petitioner?

How do you get an ex-spouse who is an illegal immigrant and doesn't pay child support deported?

Answer It is nearly impossible for an individual citizen to have an illegal immigrant deported.Immigration is the jurisdiction of the federal government and state authorities are reluctant to get ... Read More »

Can you get deported back to your country if you are now a citizen of the USA?

Naturalized citizens can lose their U.S. citizenship and get deported for several reasons, such as committing treason against the United States or serving in the army of a foreign country. You also... Read More »

Can a U.S. citizen be deported due to marriage fraud?

If you are a naturalized U.S. citizen, you can lose that citizenship and be deported for several reasons--treason, subversive activity or fighting against the U.S. in a war. Another reason is lyin... Read More »