Can an imac support flash player?

Answer Yes. It isn't the iMac that supports Flash Player. It is the OS.For OS 10.6.8 or earlier, Flash Player is installed when the computer leaves Apple or by any OS 10.6.8 or earlier Install DVD.For OS ... Read More »

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Will blu ray playback on a 21.5 inch iMac work by plugging the one end of the hdmi cable from the blu ray player into the iMac's mini display port using an hdmi to mini displayport adaptor?

no the display port is an output so that would just connect two outputs together

Can you download flash players to iMac or ipad2?

I really have no idea find another place to find out this information.

How to install Flash Player 11 Flash Builder detects 10.?

You can use a flash uninstall tool first [see link below] but this may not be necessary. It could be the flash is being used for another browser. Usually you can have more than one version of flash... Read More »

How to Skip Over a Damaged DVD on an iMac DVD Player?

Every Mac comes with an application called "DVD Player" pre-installed. This application is a simple way to watch a DVD movie inserted into your Mac, and the program is designed to launch automatica... Read More »