Can an illegal alien slated for deportation sue for full custody?

Answer Answer the va ones should sign over all rights to the child so the tn one can legally take child to doctor and schoolParents or guardians cannot arbitrarily sign over custodial rights to a minor, ... Read More »

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Can an illegal immigrant under voluntary deportation be awarded custody of a US born child?

it depends on the circumstances that the child is living in. it should matter the child's well- being foremost and first.

In a divorce who gets custody of a child born in the USA if one parent is an illegal alien?

Answer Immigration status is a completely separate issue from child custody and will normally not be taken into account in child custody decisions. Answer What I learned is that any child born on U... Read More »

Can a us citizen adopt a17 year old illegal alien from state custody?

It's all a matter of opinion, but I personally believe that yes, they should. Potential adoptive parents should be judges on things like parental abilities, financial security and compatibility wit... Read More »

What child custody rights does a male illegal alien married to a female US citizen have if they divorce?

Answer All biological parents have the right to petition for custody of their child or children, regardless of their resident status. However, depending upon the circumstances the judge is more lik... Read More »